The best pharmaceutical and laboratory products in Haiti

Prophalab carries more than 700 products, which cover the majority of the medical and laboratory needs of Haiti.

We also process or manufacture locally, a wide range of laboratory reagents, topical solutions and stains as well as pharmaceutical preparations such as Hydrogen Peroxyde, Methylene Blue, Camphoered alcohol, Iodine tincture, and much more.

Certain Chemicals such as Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, Formaldehyde and others, are bottled locally and sold in a variety of sizes.

At Prophalab, we are highly committed to meeting our clients needs and making our products economically accessible. We do our best to facilitate and enhance services:

We accept orders by Phone, Fax or E-Mail

We deliver at your convenience for bulk orders.

We accept special orders, primarily for growth hormones, psychiatric drugs, anestheties, Medicals and hospitals supplies

We cater to special needs and will locate and order any products, should they be unlisted in our product directory files (PDF’s).  For a complete list of all our products please click on the appropriate link below: